About Us

Overseas Lane Frequently Asked Questions

What is Overseas Lane?

Overseas Lane is a classifieds marketplace for imported cars.

What do you mean by “Imported Cars”?

Overseas Lane focuses on the cars not originally available as new in the US market. Many are imported under the Show or Display rule or 25 Year Rule.

Is Overseas Lane a dealer?

No. Overseas Lane lists cars from dealers and individual sellers. As we are an independent third party, we do not verify or guarantee any information, that is solely the responsibility of the seller.

Who needs another place to search for cars?

We created Overseas Lane because we are passionate about cars. From vintage Defenders to R32 GTRs, we love them all. It was always hard to search the normal sites for these very specific models, so we created a place for them to live.

What is Speeding Times?

Speeding Times is our in-house blog about car news to car culture.

What is Earl Spillner?

Earl Spillner is our brand of merchandise celebrating car culture.