Reviving Hummer as an electric GMC model makes perfect sense. While the initially reported ‘Hummer by GMC’ moniker is gross, the plan in general has legs. While many saw the brand as a grotesque symbol of American excess, the used market on H2s has a floor of about $8,000. Which to me means that the market is conveying ongoing interest in the brand. Add to that the unquenchable thirst for rugged vehicles, rising demand for electric vehicles; and it all adds up the to revival of Hummer as electric SUV models under GMC.

This maybe GM’s one opportunity to edge into a rapidly expanding market that is disrupting the auto business. Models, as opposed to a stand alone brand is actually a smarter bet, much like Hyundai with a single Genesis model, before popping the model out into an entire line. Also, most former Hummer dealers also sold GMCs and Buicks, so this range of models will be a homecoming. As mentioned, ‘Hummer by GMC’ is pure cringe. Thankfully, the British, or more recently the Indians have a better nomenclature developed for Ranger Rover as models of Land Rover. As least in this case, the make and model do not have a repeating name, and GMC is a short brand name, so adding an additional layer of branding does not make it a mouthful.

As a car enthusiast, I believe most people that think a Tesla is a cool car, probably also think mayo is spicy. However the Cybertruck changed my mind. And now I cannot wait to test drive a GMC Hummer EV. Those that once despised what the brand represented will now have to contend with future Hummer owners even larger sense smugness. I cannot wait to rub my self righteousness in the face of someone drives a Prius.